The wolf and the seven little kids

The wolf and the seven little kids

In the distance was an old goat with seven young children, and she had all the respect of a mother for her children. One day he needed to go to the forest and eat something. So he called each of the seven to him and said, “Dear young men, I need to go to the backwoods, be careful of the wolf; if he comes in he will devour you all – soon. The bastard often hides, but you’ll recognize him twice by his loud voice and his black legs. “The children said,” Dear Mom, we’ll think a lot about ourselves. You can disappear without a hitch. ” Then the last one shed blood and went into transit with a simple mind.

It wasn't okay when someone shouted at the entrance to the house and said, "Open the entrance, dear child, your mother is here, and she has brought something back with each of you." But the little ones realized it was a wolf, loudly. "We will not open the entrance," he shouted, "your workmanship is not our mother.

It has a delicate, wonderful voice, but your voice is strong. You work the wolf! “Then the wolf disappeared to a retailer and found himself an incredible piece of chalk, ate it, and made his voice delicate with it. By the way, dear children, your mother is here and in you. Has brought something for everyone. “But the wolf put his black claws in front of the window, and the children looked at him and cried, “We will not open the entrance, our mother does not have black feet like you, you work the wolf.” Then the wolf went to a baker and said, “I’ve hurt my feet. Rub some on them for me.” And when the pastry expert kicked his foot, he went to the mill operator and asked me to put some white dinner on my feet.”The mill operator considered internally, “The wolf needs to mislead someone,” and refused; However, the wolf said, “If you shrink, don’t do it, I will eat you.” The mill operator was frightened and turned his paws white for him. Men are really like that. So at this point, the villain went to the entrance of the house on the third occasion, insisted on it, and said, “Open the entrance for me, baby, your lovely little mother has returned home, and you have brought everything back.” Timberland with it. “The little ones shouted,” Show us your claws first so we know you work for our lovely little mother. ” Then he put his paws out the window, and when the children saw that they were white, they agreed that what he said was true, and opened the entrance. In any case, who should come in the wolf! They were scared and needed to hide. One under the table, another in the bed, a third in the oven, a fourth in the kitchen, a fifth in the pantry, a sixth under the washing bowl, and a seventh in the clock case. In any case, the wolf thought they were all and did not use any extraordinary service. He constantly hugged them. The youngest man in the clock case was the only one he didn’t discover. When the wolf had fulfilled his wish, he took himself off, laid himself out under a tree in a green glade, and began to rest. Shortly afterward, the old goat returned home from the forest. Okay fine! What a sight he saw there! The entrances to the house were wide open. The table, chairs, and seats were thrown away, the washbasin shattered, and the blankets and cushions pulled from the bed. He searched for his children, but they were still mysteriously missing. He called them continuous progress, yet no one answered. Finally, when she was young, a delicate voice called out, “Dear Mom, I’m on the watch.” She took the baby out, and she advised him that the wolf had come and eaten the rest. Then, at that moment, you can imagine how she cried over her helpless children.

Eventually, in her sadness, she walked out, and the youngest child ran with her. At this point, when they went to the glade, the wolf lay down by the tree and there was so much noise that the branches shook. He checked her everywhere and saw that something was moving and fighting in her beaten gut. “Well, sky,” he said, “is it understandable that my helpless young men, whom he has sent down to eat, can still live?” Then the child needed to run home and fetch scissors, and needles and strings, and the goat bit and opened the beast’s belly, and hardly did he bite one, a small child pushed his head out, and When he cut more, one in six came out in steady growth, and all were still alive, and they did not suffer any injury, because in his greed the beast had pulled them down. What a joy there was! He accepted his beloved mother and jumped at her marriage like a ship. Still, Mom said, “Let’s go find some big rocks right now, and we’ll fill the naughty monster’s stomach with them while he’s still snoozing.” Then the seven children dragged the rocks there at full speed and threw a large number of them into his stomach as if they could go inside. And his mother locked him in the best fight again, so he didn’t know anything and didn’t even meet her once.

When the wolf finally rested, he landed on his legs, and when the rocks in his stomach made him very tired, he had to go to the well to drink. In any case, when he started walking, the stones in his stomach exploded against each other and shook. Then, at that moment, he cried out,

“What rumbles and rumbles.”

Against my helpless bones?

I thought they were six kids,

As it turns out, this isn’t one of the big rocks yet. “

Also, when he reached the well and slipped on the water and was going to drink, a lot of rocks knocked him down, and there was no help, but he, unfortunately, needed to suffocate. At that point, when the seven children saw it, they rushed to the spot and shouted for someone to hear, “The wolf is dead! The wolf is dead!” And went with his mother to make the well happy.