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The Lion’s Whisker

This is the folk tale of a lion whispering from Ethiopia in Africa. It is essential for our Stories from Cultures of Color assortment. It is brought to you by Stories to Grow Sometime in the past in Ethiopia, a lady named Leeya wedded a man who had a son.  His better half had kicked the bucket quite a long while before.

Try as Leeya would, she was unable to appear to start an association with the youngster. She offered the kid food, and he declined to eat.  She talked delicately to him, and he turned away.  She sat close to him, and he would get up and walk away.  After a while of this, Leeya didn’t have the foggiest idea of what to do. Presently in Leeya’s town, there was a medication man, a healer, who lived off in the mountains.

At the point when anybody in the town was wiped out or harming, a visit to him would get the job done. More often than not, Leeya felt she could fix her own issues. In any case, not this time. She required assistance! As Leeya came up to the healer’s cabin, she saw the entryway was open. The old specialist said without pivoting, “I hear you coming. What’s the issue?”

She presented herself and clarified.

“Ok, yes,” he said. “I comprehend. Be that as it may, what do you anticipate that I should do about it?”

“Make me an elixir, an ornament” cried Leeya. “Anything! Whatever it takes to get this youngster to react to me.”

The medication man looked at her without flinching. “Young lady,” he said. “This isn’t equivalent to fixing a messed up bone or relieving ear contamination. I will require an ideal opportunity to mull over everything. Return three days.”

After three days, Leeya got back to the cottage.

“Leeya,” said the elderly person cheerfully, “I have uplifting news for you! There is an elixir that will change the youngster’s conduct toward you. Yet, you should realize that it needs an uncommon fixing. You should present to me a hair from a live lion.”

“A lion’s whisker?!?” said Leeya with shock. “Something like this is preposterous!” “You need your stepson to pivot?!” he yelled. “Present to me a hair from a lion.” Then he turned his back. “There is something else to say. As should be obvious, I’m an exceptionally bustling man.” That evening Leeya thrashed around. How is it possible that she would get stubble from a live lion?

The following day, she went out. In her grasp was a bowl of rice covered with meat sauce.

Leeya went to a forest of obscure trees where lion tracks had been seen and a lion was known to live. She approached a protected separation from the obscure trees and discreetly put the bowl down on the grass.

Then, at that point, as unobtrusively and securely as she could, she stepped back and returned home.

The following day simultaneously, she took one more bowl of rice covered with meat sauce to the cavern. At the point when she saw that the old bowl was vacant, she brought it and put down the new, full one. Again she left unobtrusively.

Consistently, she did this. Months passed by. Leeya never saw the lion. However, she knew from impressions on the ground that it was the lion who was eating her food.

Then, at that point, at some point, she saw the lion’s head jabbing out from behind certain trees. Being certain not to look at the lion without flinching, she ventured gradually to a similar spot as usual. She put down the new, full bowl of food, gotten the vacant bowl, and ventured away.

Step by step, the lion’s head jabbed from behind trees that were consistently nearer to where she put down the bowl. Until one morning the lion was sitting close to the unfilled bowl when she showed up, hanging tight for her. This time she sat and paused while the lion ate. At the point when he was done, she petted its thick hide, actually like a house feline. She investigated its delicate lion eyes and saw that it currently confided in her.

“In reality,” she thought, “it is a somewhat amicable animal, when you become more acquainted with it.”

This went for a spell until at long last Leeya thought the opportunity had arrived to check whether she could get the bristle.

The following day, she carried with her a little blade. After she put down the bowl of food, and the lion permitted her to pet its head, she said in a soft tone, “Goodness, dearest lion! Might I have please only one of your many fine bristles?”

While petting the lion with one hand, she immediately removes the hair with the other, cautious not to hurt the lion at all. “Much obliged to you, my delicate companion,” she said.

Rapidly, she rushed to the medication man’s cottage. Grasping the stubble tight, she cried, “I have it! I have the lion’s bristle!”

“No kidding?” said the healer, pivoting. “From a live lion?”

“Indeed!” she said.

“Advise me,” said he. “How could you do it?”

She clarified the means.

With pride, she gave him the stubble. The healer took a gander at it with care. Then, at that point, he strolled over to the fire and tossed it in, where it caught fire immediately to a fresh.

“What have you done?!” Leeya cried. “What it took for me to get that!”

“Leeya,” said the old specialist delicately, “you needn’t bother with the hair. Advise me, is this kid truly more risky than a lion? On the off chance that a wild monster will react to your patient, adoring consideration, wouldn’t you say a youngster who misses his mom will, as well?”

Leeya was alarmed. However, she thought .. perhaps? Furthermore, when she got back home, she knew what she could do.

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