The Dog and The Elephant – A Story of Love and Friendship from India

the dog and the elephant

A long time ago there was a King who was a lover of all animals, particularly elephants. He constructed a vast stable for his elephant. A caretaker was hired to ensure that the requirements of the royal elephant were taken care of. The king also demanded that especially nutritious meals be fed to the elephant each day in order to ensure that he was healthy.

In the afternoon, a wandering dog walked into an elephant’s stable at the Royal Palace. The elephant was reclining under a shaded tree. The dog noticed the food left behind by the elephant and then ate to the fullest. The elephant spotted the dog consuming the food leftovers. From that point on the elephant was happy to allow the dog to take his food. The two soon became close friends. The dog was allowed to stay in the stable, and the caretaker didn’t like the situation. The dog soon began to gain weight and became extremely healthy.

A farmer came across this dog. He asked its dog’s caretaker whether he could offer the dog for sale. He offered a decent amount of money to the animal. While the dog did not have a caretaker’s name, the man took the offer and then gave his dog back to the farmer.

After the farmer had taken the dog The royal elephant was extremely sad. The elephant lost his only companion inside the Royal stable. He was absent from his friend at mealtimes, refused to eat or drink, and quickly became weak. The elephant’s declining health was quickly reported to the King. He was quick to visit the stable of the Royal to inquire.

The caretaker understood the reason why the elephant was depressed and resisted water and food, however, he didn’t speak up. He was scared that should the King come to be aware that he had offered a dog not legally his animal, he could be punished. Therefore, he disguised his ignorance.

A royal veterinarian was contacted to assess the condition that the animal. After a thorough exam, the vet was unable to figure out what was wrong with the elephant. drinking or eating. He concluded that as an animal with emotions it was unhappy about something.

The King’s guards interrogated all the staff members in the stable to determine what was the reason for the elephant’s grief. They were informed about the dog who was alongside an elephant, and who was also his closest companion. They also discovered that the dog was missing for the past couple of days. The King contacted the Chief Minister of his office, informed him about the situation, and asked to come up with an answer. On the advice of the Chief Minister, the King made an announcement throughout the kingdom that the owner of the dog must return it to the owner immediately and be compensated in a lavish manner.

The farmer was informed and rushed to the palace of the King along with his dog. He informed the King that he bought this dog directly from the person who looked after the elephant of the royal family. The caretaker was contacted immediately and he admitted to selling the dog despite the fact that there was no legal reason to sell it. The King ordered the dog to be taken back to the stables, along with the elephant. The caretaker was instructed to pay back the farmer’s cash. The caretaker was also required to take care of the dog as the elephant. The elephant in the royal household was pleased to see his pal returning. The elephants were served food to both of them, and they shared a meal.

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