There was once a wealthy merchant with three daughters. Being an intelligent man who was adamant about his family, he did not spare a dime to educate them. His daughters were extremely beautiful, particularly the youngest who was referred to as Beauty”, a unique name that made her sisters attracted to her.

The two oldest were filled with satisfaction because they were wealthy. They wore ridiculous aprons and did not go to daughters of other merchants, and would not be sociable with anyone other than those who were of high quality. They would go out on a daily basis to balls, parties, and plays, as well as concerts and so on, and they chuckled at their youngest sister as she took the most of her time reading great books.

Then, in a single moment, the merchant was devastated by his fortune and was forced to sell his country home at a considerable distance from town. He said to his children, his tears dripping down, that they should go to the country house and earn their livelihood. Two of them replied that they wouldn’t need to leave the city as they were surrounded by prominent merchants that they believed would be delighted to have them even though they didn’t have any money. But the lovely ladies were wrong, as their loved ones disregarded them and left them in their misery. Since they weren’t liked due to their pride, everyone claimed that they don’t need to be pitied We are extremely happy that they are diminished so that they can enjoy their time milking cows and taking care of their dairy. But, as they said, we are deeply concerned about Beauty because she is a charming, sweet, sweet creature who is so kind to the poor and has a genuinely friendly kind, generous nature.

As they arrived at their country home the merchant devoted himself to farming. Beauty began her day at 4 early in the day. While the rest of the family slept she was on the move to wash the house and cook breakfast for the entire family. At first, she had a difficult time since she had never worked as a servant however, in just two months, she became stronger and more healthy more than she ever had before. When she was done with her job her hobbies included reading, playing the harpsichord, and singing while spinning yarn.

However, the two sisters were unsure of what to do with their time. They woke up at ten and were sauntering around throughout the day, wailing about losing their posh clothes and friendship. “Do but see our youngest sister,” they said in a sly way, one after each other “how they’re able to adapt her for a life of mundane work. “

The family was living for an entire year at the rural home when the merchant got an email with an account of a ship that he believed was missing at sea which was carrying hundreds of bolts of cloth and silks he bought and was actually safe arrived. The entire family was thrilled by the good fortune they received. The two oldest daughters noticed their father was eager to go out for the day, one of them pleaded to get him an expensive necklace made of gemstones and the other gold chain that was thick, but Beauty wanted only an emerald.

The gentleman set out to his destination. However, when he arrived it was a mess! were in a dispute over who owned the ship as well as the goods aboard, and then after many adversities and suffering to no end, the man returned exactly the same as before and especially after purchasing the exquisite new necklace and chain made of gold that he made promises to two of his elder daughters. As if he could find some rosebush to fulfill the desires of his daughter’s youngest, he walked his horse through the woods. When the sun went down and the wind began to roar the man realized that he was in complete despair. Furthermore, in the midst of the snow and the rain, the man was worried that he could suffer from hunger or cold or even be eaten by the wolves that were roaring all around him. After a split second after an extensive walk of trees and bushes, he noticed a bright light from a distance. Moving a bit further and he saw it was coming from a spot that was lit by candles that ran from the top to the bottom.

The merchant rushed to the spot and was shocked to not meet anyone within the court’s outer areas. The horse followed him and upon seeing a huge stable that was open, he went inside and found Oats and hay The poor animal was nearly hungover and was eating large portions. The owner tied him to the manager, and then went to the house and found no one. After entering a room, he discovered an impressive fire as well as tables that were well-set out. Being soaked all the way through by the snow and rain and ice, he took a seat near the flame to dry himself. “I hope,” said the man, “the master of the home, or his servants will forgive me for the liberty I take. I’m guessing it won’t be long before some show up. “

The man sat for a long time, and the eleventh hour came around, but there was no response.

He was finally so full that he could bear for any longer. He decided to take a chicken leg and devoured the whole thing in two bites with a tense grin. Then he had several glasses of wine. He became more determined, and left the hall and walked through several magnificent apartments, with beautiful furniture, until he stumbled into an apartment. Inside was an extremely comfortable bed and because he was exhausted and it was almost midnight, he thought that it was the best option to close the door and fall asleep.

It was ten that morning before the merchant got up. While he was getting ready to get up, he was shocked to find a nice outfit lying on the bed, which would perfectly fit him. He was sure, he said that this house belongs to a fair fairy who has witnessed and felt my plight. Then he returned to the hall, where he had eaten the night before, and found a tray of chocolate for him on a tiny table. “Thank you, good Madam Fairy,” said he in a voice, “for being so careful that you offered me breakfast. I am truly grateful to you and all of your niceties. “

The gentleman consumed his chocolate and went out to search for his horse. However, as he passed through a rose-filled arbor Beauty’s wish was remembered by him, and picked up one of the branches, which had several. The moment he saw them, he heard a huge sound like thunder. As he looked around, he saw a massive beast with two tusks inside his mouth, and bright red eyes, with horns and bristles emerging from its head and spreading across its back.

“Mortal,” roared the beast, “who told you you could pick my rose? “

“Please, sir,” said the merchant, in the fear of his life “I had promised my girl that I would bring her home a bouquet of roses but forgot about it until the last moment, then I saw your gorgeous garden and thought that you’d not let a single rose go unnoticed otherwise I would have contacted you for permission. “

“Thieving is thieving,” said the beast, “whether it be a diamond or a rose, your life is taken away. “

The merchant fell down on his knees and begged his life in the name of the three sisters, who did not have anyone else to provide for them. “My lord,” said the merchant, “I beseech you to forget me, as I did not intend to cause offense by arranging the roses for one of my daughters who wanted for me to present her with one. “

“You say you have daughters,” said the monster. “I will forgive you, on one condition – that one of them come willingly and suffer for you. Swear that if any of your daughters refuse to die in your stead, you will return within three months and place yourself at my disposal. “

The merchant then took a vow. After taking his rose, he took his horse on a ride home.

When he got to his home the daughters rushed all around him, shaking their hands and expressing their joy in every aspect. He presented the necklace to his oldest daughter, and the golden chain went to the daughter he had second, and then handed the rose to his youngest. When he handed it over, he was sighing.

“Oh, thank you, father,” they all were crying.

The youngest however said “Why did you cry so hard when you gave me your rose? “

“Later I will tell you,” said the seller.

For a few days, they enjoyed a happy life even though the merchant swung around gloomy and depressed but nothing that his daughter could offer could make him feel better until finally, being pushed by his daughter’s youngest to tell his tragic incident.

The two oldest set up crying out in anger, blamed poor Beauty, and uttering many ill-natured things about Beauty.

Beauty said: “Since the monster will accept one of his daughters,” she said, “I will deliver myself to his rage and am content that my death will spare my father’s soul, and also prove my deep affection for him. “

“Beauty, I am charmed with your kind and generous offer,” said the vendor, “but I cannot let you make it happen. I’m an old lady and very little time left to live, and I only lose one or two years perhaps. “

“Indeed father,” said Beauty, “you shall not go to the palace without me, you cannot stop me from following you.” Beauty determinedly set out to the palace and also made all the necessary preparations as well as her sisters. in secretly thrilled at the thought of being rid of her once and for all.

The next day, the merchant rode Beauty with him on his horse, in keeping with the norm in those days, and went off to the residence of this beast. After he arrived and they got off their horse, the doors to the home were opened. And what did they suppose they found? Nothing.

Then they walked up the steps, and then through the hall to the room for dining.

They saw an array of tables, with all kinds of gorgeous glasses, plates, dishes and napkins, and plenty of food available. They waited and were hoping that the owner of the home would show up, until finally, the merchant announced, “Let’s sit down and see what happens then.” After they settled down, invisible hands brought them items to eat and drinks and they consumed and enjoyed them to their hearts’ content. When they got up from their table, it rose as well and disappeared from the door, as if it was being transported by invisible slaves.

The Beast entered the entranceway. “Is this your youngest daughter?” He yelled.

When he declared that it was the case, the Beast asked, “Is she willing to remain with me? “

Then he turned to Beauty who answered in a voice that was trembling, “Yes, sir. “

“Well, no harm shall befall you.” He then led the merchant back to his horse and told the merchant, “Honest man, go your ways tomorrow morning, but never think of coming here again.” Then, the Beast came back to Beauty and told Beauty, “This house with all that is therein is yours; if you desire anything, clap your hands and say the word and it shall be brought to you.” Then he created a bow and left.

So Beauty was a resident of the house of the Beast and was looked after by servants who were invisible and served anything she wanted to eat or take a drink. However, she quickly became bored of the silence. The next day, the Beast appeared to her, even though the Beast looked terrifying but she was so well-treated that she lost most of her fear of him. They talked about the garden, the house, her father’s business, and everything else to the point that Beauty was able to forget her fear of beasts.

“Beauty,” said the Beast, “if my presence causes trouble, I’ll close our conversation and sever you. Tell me, do not you consider me to be unattractive? “

“It is true,” Beauty replied. Beauty, “for I cannot be honest and I think you’re very kind. “

“Yes, yes,” said the Beast, “my heart is healthy, but you are a beast. “

“Among mankind,” says Beauty, “there are many who deserve this title more than you. And I would rather you be exactly as you are to those who, in human appearance, hide a corrupt, shady, and unforgiving heart. “

Beauty had a delicious meal and was about to overcome her fear of the beast, but she almost fainted when he asked the girl “Beauty I would like to marry you. “

It took some time before she could speak up because she was afraid of making him mad in the event of refusing. Finally, however, she muttered, “No, Beast.” Instantly, the beast was silent, then heaved in such a way that the entire palace was a roar. However, Beauty quickly recovered from her terror and the Beast spoke in a sorrowful sound, “then farewell, Beauty,” and left the room.

Beauty was able to spend the following three months content at the palace. Being a regular visitor to the Beast had been so used to her physical appearance, that rather than dreading the date of his appearance she would frequently glance at her watch to determine what time it was because the Beast always arrived at that time. There was one thing that caused Beauty some concern, and that was that every night when she was about to go to bed the beast would always ask her if she wanted to become his bride. One day, she told the monster, “Beast, you make me very uneasy, I wish I could consent to marry you, but I am too sincere to make you believe that will ever happen; I shall always esteem you as a friend, please try to be satisfied with this. “

“I suppose I must,” said the Beast, “for, alas! I am aware of my own fate. Although I should consider I am happy to see you stay with me, I will never promise to let me go. “

Beauty blushed at the words. “I could,” answered she, “indeed, promise never to abandon you, and yet I have such much of a desire to meet my father that I’m worried I’ll be frightened until I die if you do not give me this pleasure. “

“Perhaps this will help,” said the Beast. He gave her a slender-looking glass, and inside the mirror’s round shape was the image of her father, who was pleading over the loss of her.

“Oh!” she cried and the entire color of her face swelled off her face.

“I would rather die myself,” said the monster, “than give you the most discomfort. I’ll take the child to his father. You are welcome to stay with him for a month, and if are not back by the close of the week The poor Beast will be buried in grief. “

“I give you my promise,” Beauty said. Beauty, “to return in the next week. “

“You shall be there tomorrow morning,” said the Beast. “Take this magic looking-glass with you and this ring. You need only to lay your ring on the mirror before you go to bed when you have a mind to come back. Farewell Beauty. “

When Beauty awakened the next day she was at the house of her father. She quickly changed and went to the kitchen. There, her father let out a loud shout and thought that he’d be euphoric to see his precious daughter once more. He held her tightly in his arms for the course of a quarter of an hour. After the initial transports were finished The father told Beauty the joyous news that both of her sisters were married.

Beauty has sent her sisters, who rushed to the scene together with the husbands.

Both of them were extremely unhappy.

The oldest had been married to a handsome man, very handsome indeed, but so enamored of himself that he could not contain anything other than his dear self, and he neglected his wife. The second was an intelligent man and wit who used it to afflict and annoy everyone, but his wife in particular. Beauty’s sisters were envious when they saw her dress as a princess and even more beautiful than ever before, and neither did her loving and obliging manner stifle their jealousy which was ready to explode when she revealed she was so happy. They went into the garden to let it out in tears, and then said one after the other how is this creature so much better than us, and why she could be so much happier? “Sister,” said the oldest, “a thought strikes my mind. We were told of the promise that she would only stay for one week. Let’s strive to keep her in the midst of the time of the week. The monster might be so angry for breaking her promise that he will devour her. “

“Right, sister,” said the other. They returned home and showed such affection towards their sister that Beauty wept in happiness. After the week had ended they broke down crying and tore their hair. They seemed so sad to let go of her that she made a promise to stay for another week.

At the time, Beauty could not help feeling a bit shaky that she might be to cause pain to the poor Beast who she truly loved and longed to see. The night she stayed at her father’s house, she woke up dreaming of the Beast in the garden of the palace possibly suffering, or dying of her loneliness of her. Beauty was astonished by her dream, got on her bed straight, and began to cry. “Am I not very wicked,” she asked, “to act so unkindly towards Beast who has tried to be my perfect in every aspect? Does it really matter that he’s so unattractive? He is kind and nice and that’s plenty. What made me decide to not marry him? I’d be happier with him like my daughters are when they have husbands. it’s not wit nor a gorgeous face in a man which makes a woman content, but rather virtue, as well as a sweet temper and a sense of humor Beast, is a perfect example of these attributes. In conclusion, Beauty rose, put her ring in the mirror, then fell asleep again. It was only a matter of time before was she asleep when she went to sleep and when she awoke the next day she was thrilled to be inside the Beast’s castle.

It was time to put on one of the most expensive outfits and waited until the evening with great apprehension when the long-awaited hour came and when the timer struck 9 but no Beast was seen. Beauty was then afraid that she might have caused his demise; she rushed screaming and wringing her hands around the palace, as if in despair. After having searched everywhere for him she remembered her dream and flew into the garden, which is where she thought she saw him. She found an incredibly weak Beast sprawled out, totally confused, and like she imagined dead. She fell on him, and noticing his heartbeat still, she took a glass of water from the canal, and then put it over his head. Beast was able to see, and spoke to Beauty, “You forgot your promise, and I was so afflicted for having lost you that I resolved to starve myself, but since I have the happiness of seeing you once more, I die satisfied. “

“No, dear Beast,” Beauty said. Beauty, “you must not go to the grave. You will be my husband for the rest of my life From this point on, I’ll give you my hand and vow to be nothing other than yours. Alas! I thought I was just an acquaintance with me, however, the sadness I’m feeling now makes me realize that I am not able to be without you. “

When she was about to say this, then the face of the beast broke into two and emerged the most beautiful young prince. The prince informed her that he was fascinated by a magician and couldn’t regain his normal appearance until a woman would of her own free will, announce that she was in love with him. The prince then called in the merchant as well as his daughters. the prince was wed to Beauty and they have all been happy ever since.

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