The Good Night Moon

A little girl named Benny, with beautiful blue eyes and golden hair was living in a small village
located on the bank of the river. She was curious about the lives of shining objects like stars, sun,
and moon. She was famous for her love of learning and her bright imagination. She was quite
different from other children of her age. Her favorite time was not playing in the field, but her
bedtime. Because it was the time, she could dream about talking with the moon and the star.

One night Benny was sleeping in her room. There was an old tree present outside her room.
Many rumors were famous about the magical forces present on that tree. It was dark inside the
room while the wind was blowing outside. Suddenly the curtain of the window turned and
welcomed the glow inside the room. Moonlight entered the room and diffused the room into a
beautiful place where dreams could soar on the wings of imagination.

She got up from the bed and sat near the window looking at the sky. The bright Moon centered
with twinkling stars was shining on the sky. As Benny was famous for his imagination, she
imagined the moon as a wise grandfather named Luna, to all the stars present around him. She
imagined that Luna had magical power to protect all the stars.

Benny imagined Luna as a best friend and extended her hands towards the moon. She had lost
her imagination. She touched the window and imagined that she could reach the moon. She
thought that she could send her wishes to the moon and the moon would always be present there
to listen to her.

The Moon (Luna) was continuously drowning and seemed that it would drown into her room.
Benny felt sleepy and went into the lap of dreams. As she slept, she was in the wonderland of
imagination. She went to a valley of beautiful creatures where she met with her favorite animals.
Benny found a beautiful Panda, a tiny squirrel, and a beautiful deer with twinkling eyes.

All these animals were very friendly and kind hearted to Benny. They told her many stories of
their forests. A tiny squirrel named Venny told tales of the enchanted forest and the ice caps
present behind their forest.

In her dream she met the baby elephants as it was her oldest wish to see baby elephants. They
were twin baby elephants called Pappu and Lina. They played a lot of games with Benny. They
shared the stories of their families and cultures.

While wandering in the forest she just looked at the sky. Here she found an old star named
Larvish smiling towards her. Benny was very curious to know about the stories of the twinkling
stars in the sky. Benny was surprised and a little shocked. Larvish called her hey little angel, who
are you and why are you wandering here?

Larvish was kind towards Benny because he realized that Benny is a little nervous while talking
with him. Larvish told her that I am going on a mission. Would you like to join me for the
adventurous mission? Benny excitedly replied yes, I always wanted to go on an adventurous

Larvish smiled and told Benny to jump and embark on his tail. While embarking towards the sky,
Benny felt the thrilled wind and many other magical powers in the sky. Benny was extremely
excited to explore the stars. She was super excited to meet Moon.

In a brief time, they reached the high sky and met a family of stars. Benny was sacred but she
found them very affectionate and caring.The head of the family was an old man with magical
power of fulfilling dreams of young children. Larvish told Benna that he could fulfill her dreams.
Benny told him that she wants to see the magical powers of the stars. She was surprised when the
old star showed her his different magical powers. The little stars of that family played small
tricks with Benny. She enjoyed every moment and had spent a lot of time with them.

After that they flew again to explore something new. After moving a long distance, they met a
cluster of colorful stars. They were looking incredibly beautiful and spread colorful light in
surrounding areas. Benny beamed with joy when she looked at these stars so closely. They were
colorful just like a rainbow. They were living in a beautiful valley of colorful creatures. They
took Benny for a visit to their valley. Benny was surprised when she met colorful fairies in that
valley. They were so innocent and beautiful looking like barbie dolls. Benny realized that her
glow is nothing infront of these adorable fairies.

These beautiful fairies took Benny with themselves for a further visit to their valley. It was a
fascinating place with colorful lakes, beautiful trees, and delicious fruits. Beautiful fairies told
her tales of their magical powers. They played so many tricks with her and showed their magical
strength. Benny enjoyed the adventurous journey very much.

Larvish said to Benny, “I am here to grant your wish if you further want to explore the magical
power of stars. Benny told her that She wanted to touch the Moon. Larvish stretched her tail and
came closer to the moon. Benny touched the surface of the Moon very softly. She felt that it was
like the waves flowing towards her. Benny lit up with the glow of the Moon. It was her extreme
wish that Larvish had fulfilled. She was overly excited and thanked Larvish for all his support
and love. They said “Good Night” to the moon and came back to their destination. The Larvish
had gone.

A tremendous thunderstorm awakened Benny and she realized after some time that it all was her
dream. But she was happy that her deep desire to touch the moon had been fulfilled. It was not
only a journey of adventure but also a journey of love and affection which Benny received from
the magical creatures.


Dreams serve as the connection between our hearts and hardships. Benny’s Adventurous Trip
gives us a lesson of determination, faith, and a little bit of magic.


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